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Pousada Picinguaba

Local culture

We are in the heart of an exceptionally well preserved region of natural and cultural wealth, half-way between Rio and São Paulo, the two sprawling cities. It fits perfectly with what one has termed "the Brazilian imaginary": pristine beaches, traditional populations, tropical rainforest, intact historical heritage.

Picinguaba is the epicentre of this diversity, which makes it the perfect base-camp to discover the region, which has so much to offer, being one of the cradles of Brazilian history, and having been cut-off and self-reliant until recent times.

Paraty, 30km north of Picinguaba, was the richest town of the country in the gold age (17th and 18th centuries). A little further south, Ubatuba was the seat of the Iperoig Peace, in the 16th century, the treaty between the Portuguese and the Indians which led to victory over the French. The town then became the hub of the coffee trade.

Later on, better access to the gold mines of Minas Gerais was gained further north, through Rio. Ubatuba and Paraty started a long decline which only ended a few decades ago. This was a saving grace for the architectural heritage in the whole region, which was not hit and disfigured by industrialization and urbanization.

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