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Pousada Picinguaba


The village of Picinguaba is located in the heart of the Mata Atlântica rainforest, a unique ecosystem, part of which is listed by UNESCO as World Heritage. Its conservation is capital for the future of our planet.
In our business activities and forms of living, we make sure to apply and promote environment-friendly ways, such as taking care of our own waste, using biodegradable products, using only reusable drink bottles, making our own soap from kitchen oil residue, etc. We also have our own compost heap for all organic residues.
We use water sparingly, and most of the aliments we use in the kitchen are from our organic producing farm in São Luiz do Paraitinga. The rooms here have no television or telephone, not only because we want to keep things simple and restful, but also because we want to apply a rule of minimum impact on the environment.

Social accountability is a reality in Picinguaba. Most of the hotel staff is local from the village that we have been training for years. Their salary and the benefits that we provide have a marked influence on the economy of the village, particularly as job opportunities are not many in this region. The loyal members of our team not only get a salary, but also education and training and an opportunity for personal development. We finance language classes and when we have time, professional training courses in the best hotels and restaurants of São Paulo.
A fair redistribution of resources is a principle in which we believe. Although it sometimes works out to be more expensive, we buy most of what we need locally (fish, seafood, products, etc.) and as a priority we use manpower from the village when labor or skills are needed for the upkeep of the Pousada. This brings in some extra income for the people of the village, whose economy is based on the sea.

A traveler today can also play his part in sustainable development. When he comes here, he meets another culture, and this encounter helps it to survive harmoniously. Pousada Picinguaba intends to take a leading role in nature conservation and social commitment, with the support of other stakeholders of tourism in Brazil.
To go one step further, we created a NGO, the APIS.